Things to do in Salida - Craft and Sip - DIY Jewelry Experience - Photo of Nicole and Harry Hansen

About Us

A new concept in jewelry. Come join us as we share our passion for making beautiful things by hand. Explore the many possibilities in style and design, and then let us guide you through the simple steps to make it your own. We are truly about sharing the knowledge and skill gained from three generations of metalsmiths, 150 years of combined experience, condensed into five easy steps. You cannot fail at this because we won’t let you! We give you as much help and guidance, as you want. Our focus is to make sure that when you walk out of our studio you have crafted a piece that you will wear with pride, and that we have introduced you to the joy and satisfaction our family has experienced in using our hands to form and manipulate metal into beautiful and wearable pieces of art.

Nicole and Harry Hansen