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Our jewelry deign studio offers welded permanent clasp-less bracelets, anklets, and more. Permanent jewelry is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. Intended to be worn forever, but can easily be removed with wire cutters.
Just book your spot or stop in, take your pick of your favorite chain style, and we'll custom fit it for you.

Permanent Jewelry FAQ's

The attachment of Permanent Jewelry is totally safe, it is simply choosing the chain and charms of your choice and we weld a small connecting ring to make it permanent. There is no contact or burning of your skin.
Absolutely, it is a very simple process to cut the small ring holding it together and does not damage the overall piece.
Depending on the cause of the break and where it broke it is usually a simple fix to weld it back on.
There are many variables to consider in the durability of Permanent Jewelry, such as the size of the chain, how fine the links are, your lifestyle ie; how active are you? Do you participate in sports where it might get caught on something?
It all depends on the type of metal you choose, solid sterling silver stays shiny unless exposed to things like a chlorinated pool or a mineral hot spring, solid gold stays shiny under almost any circumstance and gold fill can wear out in a year or so depending on conditions and lifestyle.
Most Permanent Jewelry stays clean by simply wearing and showering, it usually requires no special care.
We fit your Permanent Jewelry to your comfort level at the time it is put on, there is no “break in” period.
Yes, we have stone and metal charms to choose from to customize your Permanent Jewelry.
We offer many chain styles from simple curb to the popular paperclip. Materials from sterling silver to solid gold.
Chain prices vary by material and style, solid gold will be around $28.00 an inch and solid Sterling silver can vary from $3-15 dollars per inch, gold fill is in between those two. The average woman’s wrist is 7 inches.
No, Permanent Jewelry is easily removed by simply cutting the ring link that is used to connect it. No damage is done and it is easily reattached if you would like.
There really is no after care, we only suggest that you be careful not to snag it on obstacles as most chain options are made from fine chain links that are delicate in nature.

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